On certain Saturday !

by Chis.

Today, my hubby showed me the beautiful sunrise that colored the eastern sky pink on the photo.
I had a cold and felt like to have hot buckwheat noodle soup in "Shino-ya" that is very famous and popular in Sapporo City.

There was no customer in the restaurant so I could take photos of the interiors. I will post the photos of the outlook of the restaurant later.
My hubby had curry taste buckwheat noodle soup called "Curry Numban" in Japanese. It looked so yummy and made our body warm.
Needless to say, it energized us so much but I could not enjoy enough the nice and appetizing aroma of the noodle soup.
It is the real successful mixture of Japanese and Indian cultures. Precisely speaking, the broth made from kelp, dried and fermented bonito met curry spice made of garam masala and other spices.

 Such kinds of Japanese Japanese pictures wee displayed on the wall in the restaurant.
It is on the ground floor of a condominium at the center of the city. The good taste interiors and the small garden made up the comfy space to savor the quality cuisine. You can drink beer and Japanese sake. Traditionally, buckwheat noodle restaurants had bee the place to drink in Japan.

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