In the Bay Akkeshi !

by Kazu

It was not cold but the ladies seem to feel the chilly breeze on the sea in these photos.
 They were so looking forward to seeing the wild creatures in the bay.
It was very calm in the bay but the world on the land seemed to have start the economic activities.
The sea bed could not be seen in the water from the boat because water-weed filled up the bay and created the best environment for the  creatures.
This red bridge connects the separated communities of Akkeshi Town.
 Some public works were carried out around the port.
They were watching the monitor displaying the scenery under the water.
The first visitor to the boat was a shrimp called "Hokkai Shima Ebi" that means Northern Ocean Stripe Shrimp in Japanese. It is so delicious but we released it after checking out the structure of the body.

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