What can be seen from Wild Fowl Observation Center in Akkeshi !

by Kazu

I am so sorry for failing to report on the number of access to this blog site.
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Thank you all so much !
 Above is the photo of canoeing on the creek in Bekanbeushi Marsh of Akkeshi Town.
The video surveillance system got a red-crested white crane !
In Bekanbeushi Marsh and Kushiro Marsh, some red-crested white crane do not migrate. They stay in the marsh with plenty of feed and raise their kids.
White-tailed sea eagle and Steller's sea eagle can be seen around the area in winter. These are the photos of movie film recorded in winter.
 White-tailed sea eagles are eating the meat of deer.
 Some deer could not get over the harsh and cold winter with few feed and died on the river.
 After watching this movie film, we headed to the venue of our lunch that  were opened recently.
To be continued.

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