Buckwheat noodle restaurant "Shino-ya" in Sapporo City"

by Chis.

Before trying the famous and popular buckwheat noodle soup restaurant "Shino-ya", I let my hubby check up the precise location of it and the parking lot.
A simple cold buckwheat noodle soup topped with fermented soybeans Natto, sliced cucumber, yolk of egg, seaweed, radish paste and chopped pickled radish called "Takuan".  

 It is closed on Sunday. The parking space for three cars is in front of the restaurant.
The entrance of the restaurant has the heater for the guests who have to wait between the outside and inside doors.
 Have you ever seen such grass balls in front of Japanese restaurant ? They create Japanese-like space even in foreign countries.

  1. Please show this address to reach the restaurant
  2. 札幌市中央区南2条西12丁目 クリスタルパレス87 1F 
  3. Phone: 011-281-1045 
  4. HP  shinoya_curry.jpg (17371 bytes) 

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