Day 2 in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

We had breakfast in Japanese traditional inn called "Ryokan" because the accommodation we stayed could not provide breakfast on that day.
We rode the bicycle around the fisherman's wharf after having breakfast.
I really appreciated "Suzuki Ryokan" that kindly provided us nice breakfast. That was Japanese traditional breakfast including grilled fish and fermented sticky soy beans called "natto".
I thought the ladies were satisfied with the service and the cuisine. "Suzuki Ryokan "stepped into the breach.
The first menu on the Day 2 was a kind of "Big Blast" in this program.
We visited the Maritime Creatures Research Center that could be approached easily from the ocean but it was not easy to reach from the road.
Some of them might be doubtful about the existence of the facility in such forest.
They were relieved when they found this sign of the facility.
It's the time to get on the boat !

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