City Museum in Akkeshi ② !

by Kazu

Have you ever seen this plant before ? I heard that this plant was called "Common Glasswort" in English and "Salicornia europaea "
as nomenclature but in Japanese, this plant is called Akkeshi-sou
that is the namesake of the town Akkeshi where the plant had been found and recognized for the first time in Japan or is called "Sango-sou"that means "Coral Grass"in Japanese because of the vivid .red color like beautiful coral in the southern ocean.
The nest holes of gulls on the cliff facing the ocean were exhibited in the museum next to the L'hotel de villa.
The chief curator's of the museum was so nice and continued to give a lecture with love and enthusiasm  to the town and people.
The fishing by the beautiful girls from the object who would give them ample information concerning to the history and geographical situation of the town was continued for a while as I instructed to them before the day.
So many years ago, an Australian ship was wrecked off shore of the town. That had been the original start of the project for years.
It was my third visit to Akkeshi Town but I recognized the museum and this plants of red color forthe first time. The ladies were getting to know about the town amply.
To be continued.

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