Ice-breaking Party in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

To be honest, it may be difficult to find this hole-in-the-wall Japanese BBQ bistro called "Robata" in Japanese. It is in the residential area of Akkeshi Town and what we can find on the sidewalk is only the sign on the photo above.
The kitchen with BBQ grill range is facing the counter table. As you may know, the process to cook the sushi-grade seafood and the top-quality produces sourced locally is a kind of top-class entertainment as an appetizer. The top-quality charcoal was emitting the bright red fire and light on the bed.
The design of the kitchen facing the counter table in Japanese bistro depends on the preference of the chef but the tendency everybody can find is "narrow" to minimize the moving line in the kitchen.
Mr. Minato, Director for town planning hosted the ice-breaking party. The ladies wee looking back the day they had exerted their first best efforts in the town.
Mr. Sega and Mr. Nakamura who attended to the learning tour of the ladies were also impressed so much by the performance shown by the ladies as well as the hospitality shown by the citizens and the entities in the town.
I hope you can feel their satisfaction on the first day of the learning & maximizing-the-exposure tour in Akkeshi Town.
Cheers !

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