Oyster Seeds Nursery Center in Akkeshi Town ② !

by Kazu

The ladies was given a briefing by the chief engineer of "Oyster Seeds Nursery Center" in Akkeshi Town.
 Can you find the oyster shell like a piece of sandal at the center of the table ?  
It was 25 years old.
 They seemed to have come up with some ideas to maximize the exposure of the town and the products.
He is the chief engineer of the facility who is very busy to receive the guests from outside of the town and to deliver the speech.
 This is the room to raise the plankton for baby oysters in other room. LED lights are used for raising the plankton.
Nowadays, some companies are raising plankton to get oil. So they visited the facility to learn on the effective and efficient way to raise plankton.
 The facility may be the start of the gigantic project to save the world and our descendant.
To be continued.

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