Aikappu Museum of Natural History, Hokkaido University !

by Kazu

After the research cruise, the chief researcher Mr. Nakaoka gave the ladies briefing on the facility that had been used as an aquarium.

Mr. Nakaoka was explaining on the characteristics of Akkeshi Bay and Lac Akkeshi . They are designated as the prefectural natural park of Hokkaido and the marsh listed on the Ramsar Convention.
The land, river, the area that is filled up with mixture of salt wate and pure water and the ocean are located next to next each other. Very few effects of human activities can be seen in the area because a half of the area is covered with the forest.
On the way to the Cape Aikappu from where so beautiful scenery that I posted the photos of them could be seen, and where was on the upper side of the research center under the cliff, this museum existed as if was hiding itself in the forest.  
It is embalmed and stuffed Leatherback turtle.
So huge ! I've ever seen the living one but it was the first time to see the stuffed one.
I thought it was the first time for the ladies to see this creature.
This is Loggerhead turtle. I am not sure the difference between this turtle and Green turtle other than the color.
Have you got ??????, ladies ?

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