City Museum in Akkeshi ! (Remembering summer!)

by Kazu

After the briefing on the geographical and historical situation  from the civil clerk of the municipality of Akkeshi, the would-be top-brass of this nation were given a lecture, not briefing, by the chief curator of the
city museum in the town. 
Please focus on the exhibition in the museum, not the beautiful girls, but I understand enough the visitors to the blog site can not help to gaze at the ladies.
However, the foci of this blog should be on the photos and the information on this town in Hokkaido because the raison d'etre
of this blog site is to introduce the beautiful sceneries, culinary delights, and other superb things in, from and by Hokkaido Island.
Akkeshi Town has the islands, one is shaped like this. I will post the photos of the islands off shore of the town later.
In front of the beauties from the main island of Japan, the curator seemed to be more energized, enthusiastic than usual, I think albeit  it was the first time for me to see him.
I was very happy to arrange such kind of situation to connect the entities, furthermore the people who need something from others who were isolated each other.
To be continued.

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