City Museum in Akkeshi ④ !

by Kazu

I could not catch the moment the chief curator went up to his peak in the briefing.
The beauties, in other words, the ladies of fortune for the town, seemed to be hitting their strides while being shook up by the briefing.
What do you think the off-white object in front of the pillar of the museum ?
It is very large and long to the roof.
The wholes were for the brushes-like materials.
This is the gun to hunt the biggest creatures on this globe. I could not imagine to be hit with this huge spear which head explodes in the body of the target.
Yes, the long and large off-white object is the the skeleton of a humpback whale and above is the  photo of  the gun to hunt whales .
That might be the first time for the ladies to see the skeleton of whales.
Absolutely, the ladies were not sleepy but the curious exhibition in the building was so nice and had attractive history in its own.
Again, that was part of fishing on the history, geographical information that were known only by the limited few people.

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