" Restaurant Oyster Road" in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

The interior of the restaurant seemed to be that of Japanese-Japanese restaurant overseas.
But the circumstances and the design were so cozy.
 We had lunch in this newly opened restaurant and the pints of beer and the girl who held the pint were so attractive but we could not drink before finishing the menu on that day.
Released from the official visit to the facilities that composed the total big draw of Akkeshi Town.
 I really appreciate the young staff and their superiors who assigned them to fully attend to our mission.
My former colleague Mr. Sega who worked in the branch office in Kushiro sub-prefctural area of Hokkaido also attended and had lunch with us.
He is now working in the headquarters.
 One of the ladies invited to the town selected "sauteed pork rice bowl" topped with shredded red ginger. Nice choice !
Another lady chose the set menu, Hiyashi Tanuki with Tempura rice bowl. Hiyashi Tanuki is the cold buckwheat noodle soup topped with fried wheat ball, the yolk of a raw egg and shredded dry seaweed.  
 The last lady chose "Curry Namban", buckwheat noodle with curry taste soup that included chicken breast or thigh. I chose the same.
Ms. Sato chose buckwheat noodle to soak in the separated soup with the meat of wild geese, I think.
 Mr. Sega is very kind and gentle guy and he assigned to the headquarters office a few days later. Packing up for the move might be so tough just after this operation.
This is my curry buckwheat noodle.
Just yummy !
 He chose hot buckwheat noodle soup topped with Tempura fry. Needless to say, I must pick up the tab for all of them except for the staff from our branch office including Mr. Sega.
 Mr. Nakamura chose chose simple buckwheat noodle to soak in the special soup.

It was so difficult to select the course but my stomach was stimulated so much with the smell of curry taste soup.
Have you tried it before ?

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