City Museum in Akkeshi ⑤ !

by Kazu

About forty six years ago, as the name showed, the Oyster Island in Akkeshi Bay was covered with oysters.
The chief curator of the museum hit the stride to tell about the geographical situation and history of the town. The information given by the curator would be made the most of by the ladies.
  • The ladies headed to the next point to get the material to make up their proposal. 
It is "Wild Fowl Observatory Center" in Akkeshi Town.
It is at the center of "Bekanbeushi Marsh".
The facility has a video surveillance system to keep an eye on the creatures on the marsh.  
A red-crowned white crane could be seen by the system from the building.
"Sometimes, bears can be seen on the display", they said.
I was surprised at the fact that a French family visited the facility for their pleasure during their stay in Hokkaido.
It seemed that the ladies was so impressed by the briefing given by the staff of the facility.
A variety of creatures are showing various kinds of countenances everyday.
The ladies also showed a variety of countenances during their stay in Hokkaido.
The video surveillance system caught a fox lying on the pavement to get the warmness brought by sunshine.
We thought that the fox died on the pavement.
But it got up and started to run.
It found something in the bush.
What did it find ?

One of the lady could not stop looking into the display.

To be continued.

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