Fun to savor in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

It seemed that "Gomi" Hotel was one of the assets run by "Gomi" local conglomerate in Akkeshi Town.
I hosted the lunch on the day and I went to Pork Cutlet Curry Rice in the restaurant of Gomi Hotel.
The details of the hotel is at

You must be surprised at the quality of the dishes served in the restaurant.
The ladies visited The Fishermen's Association of Akkeshi Town to learn the branding it had promoted.
The top-quality oysters produced in Akkeshi is called "Kakiemon" theat is the namesake of Kaki meaning oyster and "emon" that was added to the comparatively popular name in Japan of Edo Era and before.
 It might be difficult to figure out the strategy for the promotion of the products in Akkeshi Town because the fishermen's association had already been successful in the promotion and branding of the local products.
As they say, "Easier said than done" but they had to hammer out an enlightening idea for the total promotion of the products and the town itself.  For that ,they had to try and feel the products with their tongue, skin, nose, ears, eyes as well as their souls.  

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