What the ladies and the civic clerks ate in the ice-breaking !

by Kazu

The starter was boiled octopus-head, grilled ham and corn. The boiled and sliced octopus head was flavored with the sauce made of Japanese miso, fermented soy-beans paste and vinegar, needless to say, sourced locally.
Would you be discouraged if you were treated to such appetizer ?
Believe me. You would be impressed and moved so much with this simple amuse-bouche.
Some kinds of prix fixe are there in the BBQ bistro but I recommend a la carte menu.
This plate contained sushi-grade raw salmon, Japanese conch called "Tsubu", squid, yellowtail and Pacific saury.  
Around Daikoku Island off-shore of Akkeshi Town and next to Kojima that means "small island" in Japanese, very fatty and tasty Pacific saury can be landed and savored.
Grilled "Hokke",  Okhotsk atka mackerel, is the "must" in every BBQ bistro of Hokkaido.
The smoke from the grill in the bistro made the air not clear.
But it contained so yam smell of grilled seafood and produces sourced locally.
This is the best-recommended Pcific saury caught near Daikoku Island. "Daikoku"brand has been established in Akkeshi Town to distinguish and acknowledge the quality all over Japan.
But the grilled feast required us to wash up our body in the comfy bathroom to sleep well.
I promise your satisfaction in the BBQ bistro.

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