Akkeshi Chamber of Commerce and Industry !

by Kazu

To be honest,  we were surprised at the fact that the senior member of the chamber hammered out the plan to make the small island off shore of the town "A Casino" years ago.
Nowadays, so-called "Integrated Resort" including Casino Facility is at the center of the dispute in Japan but in such small town, an entrepreneurial guy figure out the plan to make the most of the treasure of the town.
As the fact showed, this town has the people with cutting-edge and the mind of go-getter. They established the brand-name oyster called "Kakiemon" and other quality sea food such as clam, Pacific saury and sea scallop.    
The Secretary-General of Akkeshi  Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the beauties from the outside of Hokkaido and offered their cooperation to help them figure out the plan to maximize the exposure of the town and its products.
The framework composed of the stuff of the municipality, private business, a variety of associations of fishery, commerce and other entities were set for the town and adjacent area.
Here we go !

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