Oyster Seeds Nursery Center in Akkeshi Town ④ !

by Kazu

The plankton for the baby oysters are condensed and fed to the them.
 Using the whole shell of scallop is called "Culti" way. In this case, baby oysters stick to the scallop shell and the fishermen have to take off each oyster from the scallop shell. Such process may be hurt the shell of oysters.
 Such hurt affect to the price of oyster. That is why the fishermen in Akkeshi Town take "Single Seed "way to raise oysters.
 Baby oysters stick to the particles of oyster or scallop shell in "Single Seed" cultivation.
The ladies found the resources and materials to maximize the exposure of the town and its treasure.
Mr. Takeyama was so busy to run the facility and deliver the speeches inside and outside of Hokkaido. He kindly took time for the ladies.
They seemed to be so impressed by how to raise the oysters they had already savored in the town.
To be continued.

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