City Museum in Akkeshi ③ !

by Kazu

The keel and skeleton of the old wrecked Australian ship were exhibited in the town museum.
The crews were saved by the fishermen of the town many years ago.    
That is the beginning of the relationship between the regions in Australia and Japan.
Sister cities relationship was established.
Originally, natural oysters grew in Akkeshi Bay and the cultivation of oysters was carried out in the way to raise the baby oysters on the shell of scallops.    
But the so-called "Culti-way" to cultivate oysters collapsed years ago. At that time, the single-seed oyster-cultivating system was introduced from Australia to Akkeshi Town in coopeation with the sister city.
Different from "Culti-way"to use the whole shell of scallop, "single-seed cultivation system"let the baby oysters stick to the particle of oyster-shell or scallop-shell. That way omits the procedure to take off each oyster from the scallop shell and raises the market value of the oysters.
Such kinds of ships are struggling to fish value fish off shore of the town.
On top of that,  the town and adjacent Kushiro City fully flourished with whale hunting as well as normal fishing before.
The large knives to dissect whales were exhibited as below.
To be continued.

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