A Day Trip to Otaru and Yoichi !

by Kazu

I took my guests to Otaru City and Yoichi Town.
Beautiful cut glasses are exhibited in the  showcase of "Kitaichi Glass" in the former warehouse built with stones.
They were a kind of art inspired with sunshine and the shade.
We bought a very cute glass featured with rabbit on the moon.  
 NIKKA WHISKY DISTILLERIES is one of the place I had been eager to show to my guests who had the origin in Scotland where the founder of Nikka Mr. Masataka Taketsuru learned how to make whisky and found his better half Rita.
It is a pity that Mr. Taketsuru and Rita could not have any biological kids and I could not hear the talk of Scotland-origin people.
On the premises of of Nikka Distilleries, so nice scenery can be also savored with whisky and snacks.
Bright sunshine gives the vivid color to the autumnal foliage. Very few tourists were in the distilleries and we could enjoy enough the whisky that got the first prize in the world whisky competition.

To be continued.