Beautiful red in Hokkaido University !

by Kazu

Flower beds of begonia welcome you all in front of the Faculty of Science in Hokkaido University.
Before, scarlet sage colored the beds but now, it was replaced by red begonia.
It is a pleasure to see this red filled with vim and vigor in autumn when the daylight time is getting shorter. The garden is kept so beautiful just before snowfall.
There is a soft comfortable trail at north end of the premises of Hokkaido University. The beautiful sunset can be seen from there.  
The sunshine was losing the power as I went ahead to the west.

The color of pale purple was left in the sky and the contrast with the silhouette of trees was made above.
The pale purple turned to blue, dark blue and black.
Have you decided where to visit this great weekend ?
It is still warm in our neck of the woods.
Please enjoy YOUR autumn and harvest something !

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