Hokkaido University Original Barn !

by Chis.

A yellow leaf  seemed to be was flying or hovering  on the premises of Hokkaido University.
Can you find the leaf on the left ?

It flew away and came back like a pendulum.
A transparent thin string connected the leaf to the branch of the tree. It did not seem to be the art of a spider. A caterpillar created such long string and enjoyed swinging in the air.

 Besides, this ramen noodle soup made of shrimp broth seemed to be "in" in the central diner of Hokkaido University. It is called "Ebi Ramen".
I got the meaning and the concept of the noodle soup but it needs a little bit more twist in flavoring, I think. More delicious and sophisticated shrimp ramen noodle soup can be savored in New Chitose International Airport.
This is the old barn of Hokkaido University. Many kinds of agricultural machines and implements are exhibited in the barn which is used as the museum.
 The window of the barn has such wooden carving of a cow on the top. The junior in the faculty of agriculture made it many years ago. A very nice art work, I think.
As a wooden building, this barn was one of the biggest in Hokkaido. In the way of regulation on the wooden buildings, it has been  prohibited to build 3 story apartments in Japan for a long time because of avoiding extension of fire in the city.
You can walk around this pastoral area in Hokkaido University that shows beautiful autumnal foliage every year. It is at the north end of the premises.

Chao !

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