Have you found your autumn this year ?

by Kazu

The leaves of trees are changing their color gradually even in downtown of Sapporo City and the Japanese winter berry trees which is called "Umemodoki" in Japanese began to open its fruit as shown on the left.

 I am not sure if the fruit is edible or not but the red color  attracts the eyes of creatures, I think.
If the fruit was poisonous, the beautiful color and shape were considered to be filled with malice.
Japanese Rowan trees also are showing beautiful red of their fruits. I saw a sparrow was eating this fruit but the amount eaten was not so much.
For most of people, coming autumn is for filling up the appetite with the blessing produces from the fields and culinary delights. Actually the taste of produces of farms and orchards, fish and meat are peaking in the year.    
With the sunshine getting weak, we have to accumulate the enough power and nutrition to get over the cold winter that brings the heavy snow. Outdoor activities are counting the days to be enjoyed before snowfall. Of course, we have other enjoyable activities in winter but BBQ and cycling are difficult to carry out in winter. Please toss around ideas how to enjoy the weekends with your lover and friends !