What I regret !

by Kazu

It's  a pity that my family from the United States of America has left for the next destination. To be honest, I will be missing them for a while.
Further more, I regret that I could not take them to this place and let them try the most popular ramen noodle flavored with fermented soy-beans paste, ginger and garlic.
 The figures named "Fukusuke and his wife " that bring good fortune and happiness restaurant are waiting for and welcome the guests.
The ramen noodle soup for souvenir is available and exhibited on top of the shelf.
 You can not see the steam from the surface of the soup but it is very hot and covered with melted fat. This is what I had been eager to let my guests try.
Currently, this ramen restaurant group has a branch even in Kyoto City, Yokohama City, Hakata City, Fukuoka City and Chiba City but I have not tried and checked the grade and the skill of the chefs in those restaurant except for the branch in Yokohama City.
 I hope my guests find one of them in Kyoto City
The sliced leek can add a twist to the ramen noodle soup with ginger paste.
The flagship restaurant of the group allures millions of people every year.
I hope my guests check out the  Kyoto Branch at http://www.sumireya.com/main/mainshop/index.shtml#kyouto

 and try the Sapporo Ramen in Kyoto.
The URL of the flagship restaurant is

and the address is 

TEL/011-824-5655 FAX/011-823-9905
Open :11:00~21:00

If you drank up the soup, you can find the characters of "Kansha" which means "Appreciation" at  the bottom of the bowl.
Chao !

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