Sapporo Autumn Fest 2013 !

by Kazu

Sapporo Autumn Fest showcases the richness of food production around Hokkaido and its capital city Sapporo.
The festival ended on September 29(Sun.).
This curious character is made of the parts from crab and scallop.
 I am not sure the concept of the character but its name is "Manbe kun" which is the name sake of Oshamanbe Town facing the gulf of southern part of Hokkaido.
It seemed that this character was so popular that many tourists and citizens took photos with it and touched it so much.
On weekends, Odori Park was filled up with citizens of Sapporo City and adjacent city or town as much as tourists.
Everybody looked so happy and was really enjoyed the culinary delicacy sourced from from all over Hokkaido.
The queue in front of each stand differed depending on the popularity of the food or drink. This festival one of the biggest events in Hokkaido.
The details in English can be seen at

Would you visit Sapporo City in the same season of next year ?
Before the leaves change the color, this festival plays the role to play up the coming harvest.