Shoan 匠庵 in Bibai City !

 by Chis.

It was my first time to visit this buckwheat noodle restaurant "Shoan" beside Route 12 in Bibai City. On our way to Arte Piazza in the City from Sapporo, the restaurant could be seen on our right hand side.
Please be careful when you enter the restaurant.

 The entrance facing to Route 12 is not for the restaurant but for the cooking school for citizens who want to get the high degrees of skill to make Soba, buckwheat noodle.

I chose the hot noodle soup topped with mini tomato and fried egg like strings called Kinshi Tamago which means "golden strings made of egg". It was so nice to have for lunch time.
My hubby chose plain cold soba with chicken rice boiled with chicken and bonito broth. The chicken rice is called "Tori Meshi"and the recipe is different in each household.  
 I think that you can also feel the difference of the taste in each restaurant that provides this kind of chicken rice.
"Shirakaba"(which means Birch in Japanese) restaurant, "Nakamura-ya" and other restaurants that serve the skewered grilled chicken are the place to savor the dish.
The noodle in this restaurant is comparatively thin and the taste of plain noodle is superb for Japanese people who are almost soba addiction.
The address is
in Japanese and
1-1, Minami 7, Higashi1-jo, Ohdori, Bibai City
The map is shown at
but only in Japanese.

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