Go hiking to Sounkyo Canyon !

by Gen,
Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of
Hokkaido Government

The season of beautiful colored foliage has come to the hillside of the mountains in central area of Hokkaido earlier than the plain.
This photo was taken in Sounkyo Canyon Area of Kamikawa Town.
The bright red and yellow are like the flame, aren't they ?

I do not think the deities called "Kamui" in the language of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu, have the sense of territoriality but the highlanders tend to catch the season earlier than others.  
The contrast of the clear blue sky and the colored leaves are so impressive that they take my breath away in gondola. It's very calm.
This is the hillside of Mt.Aka(dake) in Sounkyo Area. The vivid red color dotted on the surface of the place called "Ginsendai". It is still not so cold this weekend.

Why wouldn't  you come to the center of Hokkaido  this great weekend  ?

Let's go hike and feel the beauty of this season !