The beauty has come down !

by Kazu

The beauty of autumnal foliage  has come down to our neck of the woods !
Please visit Hokkaido University as soon as possible !
The color of the leaves may be more beautiful than last year.
I am back from the eastern part of Hokkaido yesterday after enjoying the reunion with my friends from North America and hot spring bath on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake) and at the foot of Mt. Tomuraushi.
I will post the photos after my guests arrived in their home.

Before that, I have to report and recommend you all to visit Hokkaido University in Sapporo City.

It is getting cold even under the sunshine but the colored foliage on the premises are so nice and worthwhile.

Please warm up with your bodies with the beautiful scenery and a fire pot that can be savored with your friends or families !