Deer Catcher Project in Kuriyama Town !

 by Kazu

We are struggling to establish the technology to catch deer with smart phones, to be brief.
Precisely speaking, in cooperation with NTT Communications in Sendai City and Kuriyama Town, the mixture of Video Surveillance System and remote-controlled deer-catcher making the most of Internet.
 Above is the display of a laptop computer that shows the movie photo taken at the distanced place. We enter the pin number and request the movie photo taken in the trap to catch the deer that eat up the agricultural produces. Of course, the system sends email to our smart phone to inform us on the enter of the deer.
After checking the number of the deer in the trap, one of us in duty send the signal to close the gate of the trap. Without waiting near the trap, we will be able to catch deer and reduce the damage to the farmers.
Why don't we introduce this smart trap system to right the wrong with the policy to increase deer.
After the demonstration of the system, we had lunch in the restaurant Haraheeta in Kuriyama Town that I introduced on this blog before.
My choice was "Subuta Set" that included fried pork, bell pepper, onion, carrot, bamboo shoot, mushroom and Judas's-ear with the sauce thickened with starch.  
It was  much more delicious than I had expected.
Actually, the base of the restaurant was Chinese cuisine and BBQ but it seemed that the chef had high degrees of skill to make the food materials an art that brought happiness to us.
This is the sensor and light-emitting system to kick the deer out of the agricultural fields. The eyes of the scarecrow glared and the sound blaster cried out the roaring of the beast of prey.
I think that only the people that can defeat the deer with bare knuckle can be successful in control the number of deer in Hokkaido albeit most of the people might have given up to think out the way of solution.

Please enjoy enough this great weekend !

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