Geo-park in Mikasa City !

 by Kazu

Mikasa City has become a member of the association of the cities that have a geo-park in its area.
The mayor of Mikasa City, Mr. Kobayashi announced on the phone call from the association and the icon of the geo-park in Mikasa City.
It seemed that he had heard about the feasibility of the registration to the list of geo-park in Japan in advance. The flowers and the title of the meeting to celebrate the entry were prepared as well as the icon.
To celebrate the entry and promote the tour to the city, "Geo Bento(lunch box) " was created and explained.
The design of the cover paper was so simple and it showed that "Mikasa Railway Village" sold the lunch box.

Each food has the meaning which is described on the backside of cover paper.
The rice was topped with egg, veggie, seaweed, bay scallop and grilled pork. The design is derived from the layer that was created one hundred million years ago and can be seen in the geo-park. The scallop shows the fossils in the layer.
Fried chicken will be colored with the ink of squid and show the coal produced in Mikasa City.
Fried shrimp is from the image of ammonite. The Chinese dumpling is from the image of the train wheel.
The black seaweed "Hijiki" also shows the layer of coal created fifty million years ago. Scrambled egg shows the newer layers than the coal. The chopped kidney beans shows the forest abundant in trees. The boiled intestine of horses is the typical dish in the coalmine area. The mushed potato shows the heavy snow in this area. I am not sure how much is this lunch box but please try it soon for the citizens in the city !

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