The time has come !

by Kazu

It is like a palette in the forest with a sculpture that is expected to be colored, isn't it ?
The white sculpture is the monument of the coalmine that was closed.
In Japanese, it is called "Tanzan-no-hi".
"The coalmine in Bibai City was closed and the coalmine workers left there. Each of the workers had their own role to earn the breads as well as the delight to contribute to the society and the happy community festival. As the era went by, the people accomplished their mandate and nobody is there in this area. Just the mountain of coal is there and it contains the coal layer inside and talks about the history." said the monument.  
This sculpture is built to send the soul of Korean people to Seoul in Korea. I heard that a sculpture to receive those souls of the Korean people who passed away in this area  is in Seoul.
Anybody knows about it ?
I would like to know the shape of the sculpture in Seoul.
Around this sculpture, so beautifully-colored foliage can be seen now. It is like the blood of coalmine workers from Korea.  
And it is like the color of passion they have in their mind and soul.
It seems that each of the leaves talks about that and the history eloquently in calm.
All the history is covered with green in spring and summer, with this beautiful red and yellow in autumn, and with white in winter. We are collecting the story of this area and accumulate them in the guide manual.
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