Oily Noodle in Bistro Hareruya, Sapporo !

by Kazu

My wife has been attracted to this ramen restaurant for a while. We happened to be passing by the restaurant that turns to bistro in the evening.
The address is 1st floor of Clean Building,
9-6, Nishi 6 Chome, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
The Nearest Sub-way Station:
西8丁目駅, Nishi 8 Chome Station
TEL: 011-252-7733

in Japanese
住所: 北海道札幌市中央区大通西6-6-9 クリーンビル 1F
営業時間: 昼の営業
Lunch Time 11:00~16:00(L.O.15:30)

Dinner Time 夜の営業
Closed on Sunday
定休日: 日曜日
The interior is modern taste and spic and span.
 This is "Abura Soba" which means oily noodle.  It is flavored with fish broth made of fermented and dried bonito.
Most of the customers were the ladies.
The amount of each lunch menu is appropriate for females, I think.
This is Chinese noodle soup set for lunch. Fried chicken and fried rice accompanied as well as salad.
It taste so nicer stronger than I expected. The broth in the sauce widened and deepened the taste of the noodle. The noodle is thicker than that of noodle soup above.
I have to explore and try the new restaurant in Sapporo City !