American volume !

 by Kazu

The head quarter restaurant was established in North Miami, Florida, U.S.A.In 1972. It has approximately 260 branches in 32 countries including seven in Japan. This branch restaurant is one of them.
 Can you remember the name of the restaurant with this volume of salad ?
The shape of fried onion is different from the original type. It may be because the onions harvested this year are comparatively smaller than usual and it may be difficult to keep the size of the menu with single onion. It is called "onion loaf" in this branch.
My favorite fried squid Calamari was so nice with salty taste as I imagined and make me order a decanter of red wine.
Among the popular BBQ pork rib, "Baby back rib" is the original menu of this restaurant.
Can you remember name of the restaurant ?

The place I visited one of the branch restaurant last time was in Oahu, Hawaii.
Double desserts seem to be the American standard ?
I have chocolate brownie and American apple pie for dessert remembering our life in North America.

Yes, this restaurant was opened on April 27 of 2013 in Sapporo City as the branch of  "Tony Roma's"at the first floor of Sapporo MN Building, 3 banchi, Nishi 3 chome, Kita 1jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City !
Would you rush into the restaurant ?

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