Bibai Dam !

 by Kazu

I love the art of construction well-designed for the lives of the people. Each part of the design has a certain function and is expected to work for the people.
This dam is comparatively small and  the whole design can be seen from the control tower and the stairs from the parking lot to the dam.
The water pressure in the dam is controlled and a certain amount of water is released continuously from this gate.
Just in case of emergency such as flood and overflow of water, another route opens the way of water flow.
The stairs for maintenance is prohibited to enter. Normally, it is so cool in the corridor inside the dam even in summer. The technology of human beings brings happiness to themselves but sometimes puts the sword to their throat and takes away everything.
That is why I love the goodwill crystallized in the shape and the design.
Even after the construction of the dam, it should be well-maintained and repaired and handed down to the next generations.
Some leaders are playing up the fault and the sin committed and alleged before but it shows the level of the themselves and the nations. We can not select the neighbors but if the pride is too much compared to the ability to manage the relationship, they may disappear from the map, won't they ?