Firefighters came to the sub-prefectural office for training !

 by Kazu

The training of evacuation was conducted in Sorachi sub-prefectural office of Hokkaido Government.
The ladder truck for rescue can carry 180kg with its bucket.
One lady and a gentleman were carried from the roof of the building to the ground in this training. Without any performance such as shouting "Help ! Help !", the rescue operation was done in silence. White smoke can be seen from us waiting on the parking lot. We were so lucky to carry out the training on such a beautiful day without rainfall.
T ladder truck was set with its extended legs  on the stable pavement. It is the key for the rescue to secure the stable base.  
At its most basic,  to prevent the fire is much more important but this kind of rescue operation should be carried out in every training. Keeping the staff out of dangerous territory is our mission in our mandate of everyday.  

Besides, the retirement age was of our government was procrastinated from 60 to 65 and the staff over 60 will be employed again by Hokkaido Government with much lower salary than before stepping down from the position at 60. Of course, the possibility to be assigned to the branch office in rural area is expected and the bylaws that enable the government to pay the allowance for business bachelors of over 60 should be approved in the prefectural assembly.
Anyway, we have to stay fit and sound even after turning 60. "Being  spry and kicking" may become the watchword in the not-so-distanced future.  

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