The works of a sculptor Mr. Kan YASUDA !

 by Chis.

These sculptures are in the park of Bibai City.
Many sculptures can be seen and they inspire us with their shape and design as well as the harmony they make with the greens of the forest and lawn.
 On top of that, even in winter, these black sculptures make a kind of surrealism with the complete white with blue shade.
This park has a kindergarten and the kids are romping around this hill and the sculptures.
I remember the drawing by Dali with this sculpture.
 This sculpture is very similar to the weight on my desk. Is this a kind of stage for opera or eloquent preacher ?
 I am not sure if the stairs are for audience who watches the performance on the white sculpture or the sculpture itself.
It is like a key on the ground. You may be able to open the door to the center of the earth.
This is  a huge chocolate on the ground,  I think.
If the kids are on and around this sculpture, they seem like the ants on the chocolate, don't they ?