Miyajimanuma Marsh in Bibai City !

by Kazu

As I posted before, Miyajima-numa Marsh was registered on the list of fertile marsh that nurtures various kinds of creatures and the diversity of the wild life.
Particularly, it provides the migratory birds such as wild geese, ganders, pipers, storks, herons, ibises and swans with the place for the rest on their way to the south and north.  
The migratory birds take off at dawn seeking for the grains left on the fields and come back to the marsh at sunset for sleeping at ease. So, there are few birds on the marsh in the daylight.
Some birds are flying in formation of V over the marsh but they do not land on the water until they got enough food in their stomach.
I am not sure if there are some aquatic insects or creatures edible for the birds in this season or not.  
Only this bird is on the lake and it seemed to be so comfortable to stay on the water. We have snowfall on the mountainous area in Hokkaido yesterday. Their departure date may be closing.

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