For my guests from the United States !

by Kazu

I will post the photos of my guests after they arrived in their city for security reason.
From the gate of Hokkaido University on Kita 13-jo street, the bright yellow tunnel can be seen and many citizens and tourists were taking photos on the premises of the university that I graduated.
The maple was also showing the visitors its bright red and orange color.
I think the beauty is the best in recent  five years.
Some people were collecting the fruits of the gingko. The taste of autumn may make us fat before the snow fall in December.
Have you started some exercise ?
You might as well find the best way to stay fit even in beautiful season.
If you could send me the photos with articles on Hokkaido to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido/lg.jp
I would really appreciate it so much and some kind of giveaway may be sent to the contributor ;)

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