On such a beautiful Sunday !

 by Kazu

Should I call this bird "wild goose" or "Anser albifrons" ?
On the premises of Hokkaido University, you can find this bird near the pond. Green-headed gander also can be seen usually but I could not find it on the day.
There is a fountain playing on the pond. I jog around the university in the morning and evening, looking at some creatures.
Have you seen a  black woodpecker ?
You can hear the woodpecker knocking on the tree to get worms on the premises of the university.
It was so comfortable day that the bird was sleeping in the sunshine.
 I am not sure if there are some creatures in the pond or not but they seemed to be so happy in peace. They have to accumulate enough fat under their skin before winter.

Of course, trimming by themselves is also important for waterfowl.
 Hokkaido University has many good place to walk around but I had never walked around this path during my life in the university.
Some areas are like the wild natural forest and it requires a bit of courage to walk around the woods in the night.
 Many people visit the university all day long everyday. Until last year, BBQ can be done on the lawn in the university but it is prohibited this year to protect the lawn.
It will be fine this weekend. Would you drop by and have lunch around this pond. There are some benches on the deck around this pond. The diner of the university is so nice and have many healthy and delicious menu.

Have a nice weekend !

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