Windbreak in Naganuma Town !

by Kazu

To be honest, running out of the photos of Hokkaido to post on this site, the photos of beautiful scenery and yum food in Hokkaido have the value on this site.
Heavy snow and arranging countermeasures against it don't allow me to hit the road and collect the photos attractive scenery.

If anybody of you all could send me such photos of Hokkaido with some comments, I would appreciate it so much !
Please cut out your favorite scenery with your camera of cell phone and send it to ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp

Idyllic scenery may not be seen in this season but I really appreciate the report and photo from each part of Hokkaido. I promise to post them on this site as by-lined article.

Besides, I love the scenery of windbreak beside rice fields or veggie fields all the year round. This time, the windbreak in Naganuma Town made a excellent impression to me.

I think you may be able to cut out such scene with camera around your office or house.

And, dear Fatinnadiah, if you do not have the preference, can I try to send cash to your address by snail mail ?

It may be risky but if I can not find appropriate coupon which is available in your country, I have to try that to reach you with the present to the winner of the quiz.

Your email may be rejected by our firewall of the security system installed by Hokkaido Government, so please post your preference on this site or send email to Sorachise@gmail.com


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