SUNAYU at the edge of Lake Kussharo!

by Kazu

If you dig the sand of the beach in Sunayu area, you can make a small bath on the beach. It may be a good place to get over the cold winter for the swans albeit no fish and no clams can be obtained on the beach.

 It seems that sometimes the tourists feed them on the beach but compared to summer and autumn, so few tourists can be seen around this area that the feeding by the tourists can not be expected so much.

Is it the decision of the leader of this group to stay on this beach in winter?
One of them are attached the tracer. Is it too heavy for the swan ? Is this the reason why the group stay on this beach ? Even the leader can not lead other swans by the nose.  The researcher who attached the tracer may be discouraged by the irregular move of the swan.
I've heard that somebody living near the area feed the swans in winter. The beautiful white birds bear the cold wind on this warm beach.
It seems to be the most comfortable place on this beach. Many swans seem to be having a nap and nodding.
Hot drinks are sold at the vendor on this beach but the swans can not use this hot pool as a bath, of course. Hard boiled eggs are also sold but can it be the feed for swan?
Everybody and everything have to bear the coldness of winter in Hokkaido but the point is how to enjoy the winter.

Please visit our island for blizzard tour and skiing !
Have a great weekend!  

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