Lesser Panda in Asahiyama Zoo!

by Gen,
 Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

It may be prohibited to post the photos of pretty animals on this site because these animals are originally not from Hokkaido but so-called "exhibitions of animals'behavior " of Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City is one of the biggest draws of Hokkaido.
 Lesser pandas were called panda before giant panda got popular all over the world. In Chinese, 小熊貓 / 小熊猫xiǎoxióngmāo is the name of this animal. Active lesser pandas walking on the ladder can be seen over your head in the zoo. Some people say "Lesser" is not appropriate to attach, so they call "red panda".
They are not alone in the cage and romping around all day long. I am not sure the climate in their original habitat is similar to that  in Asahikawa City but as long as I observed, there seems to be no problem with the circumstances of the animals even in winter.
Sleeping on the stage may be their main performance to allure many visitors. This animal makes the most of its pretty appearance and actions to contribute to the continuous success of the zoo. Why can the animal be so vulnerable in the zoo ? Is it because there is no enemy around them? Or, have they been trained as the actors? Their guarantee should be high!