Guidebook "Sorachi as No,1 in Hokkaido!

by Kazu

Now I am translating the guidebook of Sorachi sub-prefectural area and will post it on the web site of Hokkaido Government.

I post the article that I translated on this blog site, so please give me the comments to make it better.

SORACHI as number one in Hokkaido ~SORA-ICHI
Welcome to the journey to find the only one and the very best of Sorachi sub-prefectural area in Hokkaido
(Guidebook for Culinary Delights and Sightseeing)

Feature Article
~Jaunt in SORACHI Valley, invited by wine~
Driving Guide from Sapporo & Asahikawa
~Three types of “routes” can be available and enjoyable in SORACHI~
Milling the bless of the earth
~Living in luxury of flour, buckwheat, wheat and rice~

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Welcome to SORACHI, Welcome to the journey of SORA-ICHI

We’ve searched and found many of what we would like you the most to see, to eat and to touch in SORACHI Area, as the residents.

They are in the hole-in-the-wall, over the pastoral trail or large fields.
As a bit of discovery and encounter inspire your heart like a deep breathing, please enjoy this journey of SORA-ICHI under the vast sky slowly, heartily, again and again.
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Feature Article Ⅰ
~Jaunt in SORACHI Valley, invited by wine~
Page 9
Hit the road to Farm Restaurant!

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Feature Article Ⅱ
Driving Guide from Sapporo & Asahikawa
~ Three kinds of “routes” can be available and enjoyable in SORACHI~
Railway and Coalmine Heritage/ Waterway and Pastoral Landscape Story/ Motor way and Flower Garden Excursion
Page 26
Culinary Delights are from the earth and in SORACHI
Page 29
Travel sketch of art in SORACHI
Page 32
Sweets made in SORACHI
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Feature Article Ⅲ
Milling the bless of the earth
~Living in luxury of flour, buckwheat, wheat and rice~
Page 41
A Glossary of Seasonal words for Poets
Page 45
A Column of each town
Page 51
Hot Spring Pilgrimage in SORACHI
Page 53
Area Map of SORACHI

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Feature Article Ⅰ

The biggest amounts of grapes in Japan for making wine are produced in Hokkaido.
Among the areas in Hokkaido, SORACHI area has many wineries and vineyards, and getting famous as the source of high-quality wine.
Would you go out to see the grapes in the vineyards like the winery tours conducted frequently in Europe, North and South America?
You would appreciate much more the taste of wine if you felt the enthusiasm of the wine-maker and saw how the grapes were raised and produced.

Please try the culinary delicacy with wine in the jaunt to the wineries.
The bistros and restaurants where the good wine can be savored with culinary delicacies are recommended by the municipality of Takikawa at

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Visiting the home of wine ~Wineries in SORACHI~
This family winery was founded by Mr. Kazuyuki YAMAZAKI, the third generation of the farmer that had taken root in Mikasa City, after he obtained the license to make alcohol. Mr. Yamazaki and his family, the wife and three sons stand on their own in making wine, shipping and running the shops of direct sales. At the early stage, they tried to raise ”Pino Noir” which is said to be hard to grow in the cold climate in Hokkaido and their wine made from the “Pino Noir” harvested in 2002 was highly ev
aluated and got the fame. The kinds of grapes were increased and “Chardonnay”, “Kerner” “Bucchus” and “Merlot” are raised in their vineyard of seven hectares that produces about 20 items on sale.
 What they have been sticking with since the first shipping is to use only the grapes that they produced by themselves on their own grapevine even if the amount of the harvest is smaller than they expected. Sympathized with their policy that they have abided by, many volunteers come from all over Japan to help the Yamazakis to pick up the grapes ripened enough for making wine in the busy harvest. Next to the winery, there is a log house that contains the wine shop where tasting of wine can be al
lowed and the limited bottles of wine are sold. But the shop opens only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays and from 10:00 to 18:00( to 16:00 from November to April). As the shop will be closed when the bottles of wine are sold out, please check out before visiting there in winter. Watching their vineyard and fields can be allowed if you have a contact beforehand.