White out? in Iwamizawa City!

 by Kazu

It was snowing in the morning but no weather alert was not issued in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido. Sometimes it was so-called "white-out" situation in Iwamizawa City. Each household was struggling to dig out their cars and take off the compiled snow in their premises.
To be foolish, I left one of what I had purchased in grocery 2 km away from my flat and had to pick it up at the grocery in this blizzard on my way of jogging. .I left just one bread last night. As I am so eager to eat sushi-grade yellow-tail and Japanese fried squid calamari  IKA-TEN I bought them when I picked up the bread at the grocery run by AEON.  
Coming back from the jogging from the grocery, I had a lunch in my flat and sip a bit of Japanese sake named  "Kita-no-shou" presented by the mayor of Nanporo Town. It is brewed by Hokkaido Brewery head quartered in Sapporo City but the rice to make this sake was raised in Nanporo Town. It was dry but mild and makes a good match with the fried squid and sausage.
To be honest, I had to stay in Iawamizawa City to react quickly to the weather alert and disasters.

I had to go to my office in the afternoon. It was so fine different from the white-out situation in the morning. Accumulated snow on the road side was taken away at the end of last year but the amount of snow beside the road recovered quickly at the beginning of 2013. The cars passing by can not be seen from the sidewalk. The cars should be seen on the right hand side.
The experimental field of Iwamizawa Agricultural High School was completely covered with snow but the snow in a part of the ball game ground was clearly taken away for base ball players. In Iwamizawa City, it snows once a day like squall in tropical area.it may be one of the effect of global warming and greenhouse effect. Would you like to enjoy cross country skiing in such heavy snow area?

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