Tanzan River Bridge in Ashibetsu!

by Kazu

Tanzan River Bridge of Mitsui Ashibetsu Railway (Ashibetsu City)

    It is the bridge that had connected, for coal conveyance, Ashibetsu Station and Raijou Station where the coalmine had been. On the railway of the bridge over Tanzan River, a diesel locomotive D501 and a freighter are set and preserved. That makes for a good place to take photos.

  The bridge is not in use but exist just for making scenery to take photo and reminding the visitors of what was there.

  Only the photo of white scenery and food can be posted on this site in this season, so I will post the photos taken in other season sometimes.

  Again, please cut out your favorite scenery of Hokkaido with your camera of cell phone and send it with some comment to us
Thank you for cooperation in advance!  

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