My jogging course in Iwamizawa City!

by Kazu
Can you bear such cold weather, Fatinnadiah?
This is my jogging course in Iwamizawa City. We experienced minus 17 degree in Celsius in Iwamizawa City the other day. It is very rare case in western area of Hokkaido albeit it is normal in my hometown Kitami City.
But in western area of Hokkaido island, affected by the monsoon from the north west of Hokkaido including Siberia of Russia, heavy snow and blizzard annoy the residents. The citizens of Kitami City in the eastern part of Hokkaido can have much more fine days than the west.
Even in the morning, it is not so bright and I have to jog around in the darkness in winter. The steam and moisture from my body frozen up on the surface of my face and clothes.

It is the same in the night.
Jogging around in the morning and evening everyday help me stay fit and happy without drag but the slippery sidewalk and road are a little bit dangerous for the people from the south.
I love the cold weather in winter and the dry and hot climate in summer in Hokkaido. This is where I am living now. Anybody think we will have much more snow this year than last year when we had record amount of snow fall ?
Nobody can not expect the amount of snow but the global warming surely affects on that matter, I think.


  1. no,i don't have any experience how feel snow yet.. :( hope go there soon..

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