Exterior and Garden shop in Kitami City!

 by Kazu

It may be the first time for me to jog around in my hometown Kitami City in the night. I've noticed the sign of "Exterior and Garden Shop" on my course of jogging near my house in Kitami City but did not know that the building of the shop was adorned with LED light bulbs in the night.
Actually this work should be one of their service provided to their clients but I did not know their skill of art.
 Can it be a good advertisement for their promotion ? Many cars were passing by the road but no pedestrian was on the sidewalk other than me in the night of minus 15 degrees in Celsius. This is not a cafe but if you found such cafe, would you be allured by such decoration ? It was so cold and dark that the creature from another world may appear and abduct you or the prince of darkness would steal your blood with cold kiss. 
This is the turning point of my jogging course and the public park called Green Center that has a real greenhouse as I introduced before with the photos taken in the morning. Almost nobody visits the area in the night in winter but only the lights of showed their presence on the hillside.
It's the coldness that leads to the numb and the death in slow. Completely different from that of the west Hokkaido.

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