Events in Sorachi sub-prefectural area!

by Kazu

A variety of events were held in the cities and the towns in Sorachi sub-prefectural area last weekend and will be held soon.The posters of those events are put on the board along the underground promenade which connects JR Sapporo Station and Oodori area.  

"Namahage Festival!" will be held in Utashinai City from 17:00 to 18:00 on February 3(Sun.). The featuring characters "Namahage" is  originally from Akita Prefecture because the most of the citizens in Utashinai City is the descendants of the immigrants from Akita Prefecture. "Namahage" is originally the character to pray for the good health and well-upbringing of the kids albeit the red-masked one and blue-masked one with straw raincoat scare the kids in the festival and the kids cry out loud.
Most of the time, a pair of the red-masked and the blue-masked do the household hopping, shouting out "Are there any kids who are crying or doing bad things?" Of course, the babies and the kids in the houses start to cry out loud and the parents are laughing but praying for the happiness of their kids.  The red and blue mask are shaped like the faces of ogres.  
Snow-ball fight may be the most popular and exciting events held all over Hokkaido. Many snow ball fights are held in many places in Hokkaido and the champion team is decided in tournaments. It has already been held in Yuni town on January 26(Sat.) and 27(Sun.) and I think almost all the members of the snow-ball fight teams savor the chitterling pot in the town after the fight.
Generally speaking, many people have the image to grill the intestine called "Horumon" in Japanon the metl net but in Yuni Town, there is a famous special restaurant which sticks with the special flat pan made in the town and which serves the fresh intestine "horumon" processed in the morning of the day.      
Takikawa City Paper-bag Lantern Festival is held at the square in front of the JR station, bell-road in the city on February 16(Sat.). The lanterns made from paper-bags by the citizens and volunteers hold the flame of candle softly and makes the light look warm. The subtle lights of lanterns make the down town of Takikawa City like the world of illusion. Hot drinks will be delivered for free of charge in the town and many food stands will open here and there.  
Cross-country skiing festival will be held in Horoshin area called Hotaru-no-Sato which means the home of light-emitting insects, in Numata Town on March 2(Sun.). It is not the competition and hot soup may be delivered for the participants. The main purpose of the festival is to invite many people and enjoy the winter together.
As I posted on this site yesterday,  I am making the English guidebook called "Sora-Ichi". Japanese guidebook of Sorachi sub-prefectural area was made last year and it is the base that I translated. Besides, we developed the application for smart-phones to introduce the contents of the guidebook last year. Precise speaking, the information on the guidebook can be obtained if you read the QR code on the poster  with your smart-phone.
We are also developing the portal site for
tourism on the web mainly for planning to visit our area before coming. Once you come our area, you can search the information you need on the spot. GPS function gives the information a cutting edge, I think.

Takikawa City Snow festival will be held in Bunka koen (Culture Park) on February 16(Sat.) and 17(Sun.). Snow-dodge-ball started  last year and many food stands will open in the venue.      

Moseushi Town has a very nice curling ice rink in it. It is inviting many people to curling rink including novices to expand the base of the pyramid.
"Fukagawa Hyosetsu Matsuri" which means ice and snow festival will be held in Fukagawa City this weekend.Huge snow sculptures made by the self-defense force of Japan and the citizens of Fukagawa City, ice sculptures, giant slopes will surround the venue of the festival in Hanazono Park of downtown. Bingo game, snow-mobile rafting will be the attractions of the fest. Pork and veggie soup "Ton-jiru" will be served to the participants for free of charge.
The last but not the least, "the General Election of Sorachi" will be held from February 5(Tue.) through 11(Mon.) at the corner of underground promenade in front of JR Sapporo Station. It is not for selecting politicians but to vote to your favorite attraction, food and restaurant, play spot, and to select the character to navigate the visitors  to the portal web site that we are developing.
Freebies and giveaways are prepared for voters but the special products of Sorachi sub-prefectural area will be presented to the winner of the lot.
Please find and visit the corner for Sorachi sub-prefectural area and vote !      

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