Open on January 1 in Utoro Area of Shiretoko !

 by Kazu

Almost all the restaurants and diners were closed in Hokkaido on January 1 but at the east end of this island, only one restaurant was open and provided the tourists frozen to marrow in the wind from Siberia with delicious seafood and hot soup that warm up the body of the wanderers.
Grilled "Hokke", a kind of cod may be the most popular dish in Japanese bistro "Izakaya" and restaurants. Particularly, the cod landed at the port of Rausu Town and Utoro area in Shari Town and dried for a night is attached a premium and a special twist in the cold wind.

 Needless to say, fresh fatty salmon and salmon roe are the gift from the nature in this season.  Not only the human beings but also the bears in this area listed as the world heritage of UNESCO savor the taste of fall and winter in the rivers, but not in the rice bowl.
This seafood egg noodle soup is added the special twist for the brand name of "Shiretoko" .  Unfortunately, the restaurant ran out of the materials to cook in the afternoon of January 1st because the market were closed and the fishermen around the area were enjoying their off. So the tourists who visited there after 2 o'clock could not taste the culinary delights in the restaurant on the day. Of course, as the hotels and convenience stores in Utoro area were in service., I hope the tourists could have a nice lunch.