Hotel Tenku-no-Oka by TSURUGA Group 2!

 by Kazu

 On the first day of 2013, the hotel set the Japanese altar at the entrance to show their hospitality to the guests. Two story rice cakes with an orange and the beautiful flower arrangement received the guest first.
  The folding golden screen is the same type as the one used for wedding party in the hotel. The bride, bridegroom and their parents usually send the guests and friends in front of the party room after the party.  
At the year end and the beginning of the new year, many guests spend their happy time with family members and sometimes relatives in this season. Soaking in the hot spring bath and enjoying the culinary delights served by hotel staff, they take off their heavy duty and relax. Not to bore the guests, the hotel arrange such games as bingo, card games and some exercise.
Almost no day off for hotel staff at all in this season.
But very few guests in the souvenir shop.
Original items of TSURUGA Group are sold there.
The figures of owl are very popular.
The courtyard is decorated with the LED illumination shaped like animals.
This is the entrance to the hot spring spa.
I will post the photos of the bathroom tomorrow!