Hotel Tenku-no-Oka byTSURUGA 3

by Kazu

Well-decorated objects are playing the role of a by-player in the hotel like in other branch hotel of TSURUGA Resort Group. I am wondering if the designer of the group could arrange the whole city in Hokkaido.
This plant arrangement at the corner has a bit of twist like the one exhibited in MOMA in New York City. The lighting is also striking the visitor's fancy and strike me as what calms down my mind and let me focus on the truth.  
This is the hallway to the bathroom. I am not sure how many guests are necessary in a day to run this kind of like-luxurious hotel.
The illumination shaped deer in courtyard is in the snow. The guests can not drink at the relaxation room in watching decoration in the courtyard after soaking in the hot spring bath but it is comfortable enough to sit on the chair on tatami floor and have a nap.  

As the farmers in Hokkaido are annoyed by the deer that eats up the veggies and crops, I am not sure if they can have a rest comfortably watching such kinds of illumination.

But the sculpture of owl is very popular in each branch hotel of the group.
This is the entrance of the outside bathroom for males. As it was so cold outside,  no guest was there and I could take the photo in the bath.
The bathroom inside the building could hardly be seen from outside because of the steam in the air.
Can you see the outside bath in the photo?
This may be better than above.
Lake Abashiri adjacent to the hotel could not be seen from the outside bath, unfortunately. The guests can enjoy ice fishing on the lake in every winter.
The name of the bathroom for females is Hakuchou which means swan in Japan.
This is the waiting and relaxing room in front of the courtyard. Can you see the illumination shaped deer ?
 Even the females were not having a chat loudly in this room after soaking in the bath.
The name of the bath for males is Fukuro which means owl in Japanese. Would you try the newest branch hotel of TSURUGA Resort Group in Abashiri City this weekend?

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